For the past six or seven years, we have been giving trimming clinics for horse owners who want to learn more about caring for their own horses feet, usually providing one to two clinics each year in the spring or fall. Clinics run for two full days on a weekend allowing more students to attend. The first day consists of classroom  work.

 A few of the topics covered are; anatomy & physiology of the lower limb & foot, bones, tendons & joints, normal & abnormal conformation, common lameness issues such as, thrush, abscesses, white line disease, hoof cracks, sheared heels, navicular syndrome & laminitis (founder). We will discuss trimming tools, their use and their care.

​The second clinic day consists of a trimming demonstration & instruction. We will begin working on 'cadaver feet' before graduating to live horses. The fee for the two day clinic is $400.00 per student.

                   "Here are a couple of video clips from one of our clinics"



Please note that the objective of our clinics is to provide the student with enough information & knowledge to be able to work on their own horses only. In no way do these clinics qualify you to trim horses for others. Most professional farrier programs run for 6 months to two years of full time school.

​Class size is limited to six students to allow for more one on one instruction.

Clinic locations are usually within the Grande Prairie area. If you would like to sponsor a clinic outside of these areas, please contact us directly to discuss.

To receive a clinic registration package, please complete and submit the following form.     

 Our Next  clinic is scheduled for May 11 - 12 , 2019 near Grande Prairie, Alberta



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